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Welcome to my website and blog... I am a Canadian barrel racer, trainer, wife and mom who grew up near Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. I now live in Stephenville, Texas with my husband, Brad, and small son, Kaden... and, of course, my horses. My website and blog are just beginning... and are still under development. Please check back often to see our progress!

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When Texas started for me...

Because of Dad, I grew up on westerns movies, music and Louis L'amour books. Because of Dad and being a horse fanatic, I read every Quarter Horse Journal (was a pedigree specialist), Western Horseman (magazine), taped every Mesquite Eodeo... well every rodeo and read Martha Josey's barrel racing book 100 times - I still have that book. And yes of course Dallas was never missed.

In 1979, mom and dad lost their son, our (mine and Sherry's) brother Darwin. Everyone handles grieving in their own way. Dad's was to basically buy a horse ranch - 'ha!'. So about a year later, and 120 horses - give or take - we all flew to Texas to meet the people dad bought the horses from... and to fulfill a dream. We saw world champion horses at the fanciest places you could ever imagine. Met well known names and shopped at the biggest western stores ever seen. I never saw so many boots and hats!! We were all hooked.

After that we drove 3 times to a Texas - every time seeing something new. Going to Ed & Martha Wright's (yes... now that I live in Texas, I get to watch her run all the time now:)) and Vickie Adams seeing Firewater Flit (one of most beautiful horses I have ever seen) stands out for me. Dad always talked about buying a place; we even looked around but it never happened...

In 1992 after making the short-go at Denver, I made the decision to jump in Kirsty White's rig to take in the winter rodeos. We spent a lot of time in Texas. M&M did great making me money here and there. That trip was an eye opener, one of the best experiences I ever had.

Brad and I found out the day after the Honor Spirit Horse barrel race that he had been transferred to Texas. Wow... to be honest I was terrified to move... at first I was excited. That was June but by August I had found out I was 6 months pregnant, was depressed, Brad had all ready moved and we had no place for horses or for that matter no place at all near Brad's work. And with not much money to help us. I was 40 about to be 41. Scariest thing I ever had to do. Ever.

Now I am so proud and grateful we were brave enough to do it. I think everyday how much dad would have enjoyed retirement here. Everywhere you go you see history you've seen in the movies or read about, I met the guy that helped train Rocket Wrangler, Dash For Cash, Streakin Six; talked to a lady whose husband looked after the 4 Sixes Ranch breeding program for years. The crazy creatures I've seen, the 1800's old buildings and more history. Chisum Trail, Billy theKkid. Can't forget the bbq and Mexican food! All so new to us like a kid in a candy store

Over the years Brad and I talked often about moving here, it obviously was something that was calling us.

It might not be Texas or even moving. It might be entering your first jackpot, rodeo...could be anything big or little. If you have something inside calling you - answer it - do it. You only live once. No one else can do it for you. It's all in you. Make it happen. Take chances - the chances may never come again. We did, and it's by no means perfect. We have our tough moments and days but we are living a dream. What more can you ask for.
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